Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Penny for Your Thoughts

Today during Math we were "discovering the penny".
During the lesson, I passed out a penny and a magnifying glass to each child. I asked them to tell me what they noticed about their penny.We talked about Abraham Lincoln, we talked about the words on the penny, the numbers on the penny, how some pennies are older than they are or even older than me! "Even older than YOU Mrs. Collins?"
Then we talked about the Lincoln Memorial on the tails side of the penny.

Me: "Does anyone know what that building is?"
A: "The White House, it's where the presidents live.
"Me: Great guess A, but it's not The White House."
M: "I know Mrs. Collins, I know, I know, I know!"
Me: "Okay, okay M, what is the name of that building?
"M: "It's the Vampire State Building!"

Only in Kindergarten!


halpey1 said...

Wow, you did that lesson back in February... you are WAY ahead of me. :)

Lisa said...

The district gives us a pacing guide to follow. It works nicely that we are doing the penny in Feb, right around Lincoln's birthday!