Friday, April 30, 2010

F is for Funny, S is for Sweet

I don't have a long thought provoking post today, but sometimes kindergarten kids say things that are just so funny they need to be written about.

It turned out to be a beautiful spring day today, but it was pretty chilly this morning. When the kids came in from recess all hot and sweaty, "Margaret", realizing she would not need her jacket on the way home, asked me to help her force her jacket into her too small back pack. I tried to explain that it was just not going to work.

Me: Margaret, it's just too small, you wont' be able to zip it, and it's going to squish all your hard work.
Margaret: But Mrs. Collins, you HAVE to make it fit.
Me: I think you can manage to carry it. Leave it on your hook and we can tie it around your waist when you leave.
Margaret: No, that's not going to work.
Me: Why not, I think that's a perfect solution.
Margaret: Well you see Mrs. Collins, if I put it on my hook I'm going to forget it.
Me: No, I'm sure you won't.
Margaret: Oh, yes I will. I suffer from Short Term Memory Loss!

I wasn't about to argue with that logic!

And sometimes they say something that is just so sweet, it needs to be shared.

"Katherine" was having a particularly difficult day. She cried easily and I suspect she was over tired or hungry for lunch, or maybe a bit of both.
In the middle of our guided reading group she started to cry claiming one of the other kids called her ugly. I don't doubt this happened because as we get to the end of the year they are becoming more like siblings than classmates. They've spent a lot of time together and frankly they are just getting tired of one another!

As I was trying to get to the bottom of what had happened, "Kevin", one of my little cherubs got up out of his seat, walked over to Katherine, put his arm around her and said,

"Don't cry Katherine, because you are a pitty, pitty, pincess."

Her tears were gone, and in their place a smile.

I have a tiara that I sometimes wear to remind the kids that I can not be interrupted when I'm working one on one with a child. I placed the tiara on the pitty pincess' head and didn't see another tear for the rest of the day.

Funny and Sweet, they are what makes my job so perfect!


stacey said...

G is for God bless you!

Krystal said...

love your blog!

halpey1 said...

Nothing like a little pity to help a pincess feel better. :)