Tuesday, September 21, 2010

C is for Chocolate

"Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get." ~Forrest Gump

Even though Forrest was talking about something much bigger, the same can be said for kindergarten. Because many of the children who come into our classrooms in September are unknown entities it's up to us teachers to discover who they are.

I always love the little one-on-one conversations I have with them as I'm playing games, singing and dancing, helping them to cut around a particularly difficult corner, discussing a story or assessing their abilities. 

I enjoy finding out what they like to do, who their friends and pets are. They are always so eager to tell me about their parents, brothers, sisters and cousins. 
Although I have loved each and every one of the children who have walked through my classroom door, there are some classes who, for whatever reason are more difficult. Sometimes socially they just don't mesh. Some years they require more loving care, patience and understanding because of things they are dealing with both in school and out. Some years they require more one on one attention because academically they need a little more support.

They are all sweet, each in their own way, and I truly do love them all for their uniqueness and diversity.

This year I have 18 little bon-bons, and they all fit very nicely in my chocolate box. They all seem to compliment each other without being over-powering. Some are crunchy, some a little nutty, some are soft and squishy, some nicely fruity but ALL are very sweet. 

Yes, kindergarten is like a box of chocolates...and this year, I got the Godivas.


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What a 'sweet' thought!

Mrs. Pearce said...

Love the analogy! Savor every moment of your year.