Wednesday, November 10, 2010

B is for Butter

Popcorn, baked potatoes, warm bread...some things are just better with butter.  My days are filled with it, little five-year-olds buttering me up. Spreading the little niceties in the form of compliments and lately they are laying it on thick. I enjoy it because it is always heart warming to hear something nice, especially when it comes from the people who matter the most.

Most of the buttering has been coming from one little one in particular. I knew from the minute she walked in the door she was going to challenge me. Cuter than a button, but a tough nut to crack. Just a little bit stubborn...sussing me out, wondering how far she could push me, wondering what she could get away with. She's one of those kids who was just looking for limits and I was sure to set them right away.

She's suddenly become my best friend. Happy to be in school, following directions, and thriving, but she is laying the butter on so thick I can barely taste the bread. Hugs after hugs come my way, sometimes she'll just feel the urge to get up in the middle of a lesson and give me a hug. 

A typical conversation goes something like this....

"Mrs. Collins, do you know who my favorite teacher is?"
"Who Amanda?"
"You Mrs. Collins"
"Thank you Amanda!"
"Mrs. Collins, do you know who the best teacher is?"
"Who Amanda?"
"You Mrs. Collins."
"Thanks again!"

and my personal favorite

"Mrs. Collins, do you know who the prettiest teacher is?"
"Who Amanda?"
"You Mrs. Collins!"
"Why thank you Amanda, that makes my heart happy."

Now little Amanda isn't the only one spreading it on thick...My little Tinkerbell has her buttery moments too.

We've been learning all about symmetry and today was the day we painted symmetrical pictures.
I folded their papers in half and instructed the cherubs to paint only one half of their papers.
Tink needed a little clarification...
"Miss Collins, what side do I paint on?"
"You pick, but only paint one side of the paper."
"Just one side? But which one?"
"It doesn't matter, but only paint one."
"Is this side okay?" 
"Yep, that side is perfect, excellent choice!"

So she painted, and then I showed her how to fold the paper, and rub her hand over it so one side of the paper would transfer to the other.

"Okay, Tink, ready for the magic?"
We carefully unfolded the paper...and her jaw dropped. Instant Symmetry!
"Mrs. Collins, you are a genius!"

Sweet buttery goodness.

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Sarah said...

I love all the compliments too! Makes for a great day!