Wednesday, March 28, 2012

One hump or two?

Part of our reading program is a daily dictation. I give the word, put it in a sentence, segment the sounds. We sky write it, and dribble the sounds out as we pretend to bounce a basketball. I do whatever I can to make a boring task just a little more interesting. For whatever reason, my kids love it.
I try to make the sentences I give them a little entertaining, just to get a giggle out of them. Today, I got the giggles!

Me: "Okay kiddos, your first word is 'hump'. A camel has two humps. A camel has one hump. Can a camel have three humps?"
Them: "No!"
R: "A camel can have zero humps, but have to call him a horse!"
Me: "Hey! That was really funny."
R: "I know! Hehehehe!"

Okay, maybe one of those you had to be there moments...but it made me smile! It was his little snicker that really made me laugh.

Today one of my kids and handed me a present. It was an L.L. Bean catalog her mom had put in the recycle bin. Her mom told her not to, that Mrs. Collins would not want that, but she told her mom that "Mrs. Collins can order sweaters  or flip flops!" Her mom insisted that she put it back into the recycle bin but somehow she snuck it into her back pack and proudly handed it to me as she walked into the room. 

 I can't wait to see her face when my new flip flops arrive at my classroom door!


Cindy H said...

love it Lisa!

School Sparks Renee said...

Thanks for sharing that cute story! Renee

ChiTown Girl said...

Love the new look around here. :)

Miss Trayers said...

They can be so funny! How thoughtful of him-maybe a future personal shopper! :)