Sunday, January 22, 2017

S is for Snowflakes

"The thing about "snowflakes" is this: They are beautiful and unique, but in large numbers become an unstoppable avalanche that will bury you." @GeorgeTakei

 This election cycle has sucked me in and spit me out.

Confidence, pride, disbelief, shock, sadness, disgust, fear, hope, empowerment. I've felt them all.

I was an active participant in the No on Two Movement, which kept the cap on Charter Schools in our state. I stuck a bumper sticker to my car, I made phone calls, I held a sign, I talked to anyone I could about this important vote.  I was more worried about this passing than I was about the Presidential Election. I was confident my candidate would win, the polls said so, why worry?
I've always been a firm believer that my local government is more important to my day to day happiness than who is sitting in The White House.
I was proud to exercise my right to vote, I was about to vote for the first woman President of the United States, a historic vote to be sure considering not so very long ago I wouldn't have been able to cast a vote at all.
As I watched the results come in, it was clear the charter school cap would remain. I was thrilled and settled in to watch as the rest of the evening unfolded.
As more and more state results were called I sat in disbelief. No, this really can't be happening. What went wrong, how could this be? The questions were endless. I tried to go to bed, I couldn't sleep. I got up the next morning feeling as if I had been run over by a truck. She was so much more qualified, intelligent, well spoken, reasonable!
Although my candidate lost the election, she IS the choice of the majority but that is of small consolation. He is The President now. I can respect the office, but I'll be honest, I'm having a very hard time respecting the man.
I couldn't bring myself to watch the inauguration, I'm proud to live in a country where the transfer or power is indeed peaceful, but I couldn't watch. I couldn't. It's not about being a sore loser, it's not about his politics, it's not that I'm a registered Democrat and he's not. Had any of the other Republican candidates been elected I would have been disappointed, but I could have accepted it.
I don't support anything he represents and I'm fearful for my family, my students, my friends and what this administration is going to mean for us and the things we care about. Especially those who are two young to speak for themselves.
Inauguration night I was sitting with my youngest talking. We were both obviously sad. He told me how weird it felt for him that Barack Obama was no longer our president.
"He's been The President for half my life mom."  "I'll be in college by the time we can vote Trump out." "But this time you'll get to vote!", I told him.
I have no doubt, that like my older two boys, he'll be a thoughtful voter. He'll pay attention to the issues and he'll do his research. He'll be opinionated and he'll be able to back up his opinion.
It's his generation where our hopes lie now. If the Trump presidency has done nothing else it has made people stop and pay attention. I will admit I have watched more CNN, listened to more NPR and read more than I ever have in the past.
I did not march yesterday, but I wish I had. I was proud watching so many people, not only in Washington, Boston and almost every major city in our country, but around the world marching in protest and for basic human rights.
It was empowering to watch the peaceful protest of people who are afraid of what may come, but not afraid to stand up for what they believe in.  Two of my former students and their wonderful, thoughtful Iranian born mom attended the Woman's March. My name is proudly displayed on their banner, second name top row! I am honored to have been included.

I think we are going to be okay. I pray that we are going to be okay. It might be a bumpy road, but with all of us who are unhappy with the way things are, who are not going to stay quiet, who will speak up for those who can not speak up for themselves, when we join together with kindness, in peace and with purpose we can make a difference.
Together we can move mountains.
Love Trumps Hate
Yes We Can.

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