Monday, March 28, 2011

P is for Present

Going to school each day is a gift. I've said it before, I love what I get to do everyday...hang out with kids.  Yes, kindergarteners can be exhausting, but most of the time I don't realize that until I'm home and falling asleep on the couch!

The best part of my job?

Kindergarten kids really are very funny and most of the time they don't even know it.

Today I was doing a lesson on instruments to tell time. So on chart paper I wrote,
"What tools can we use to tell time?"
The brainstorming began. I got "watch", "clock", "timer", "stop watch", "microwave"...all excellent answers.
Then I got a few funnies...
"a llama clock" (alarm clock!!!)

and my favorite...

"The television."
"Yep, great answer! Some televisions have clocks on them, I know my cable box has a clock on it."
"No Mrs. Collins, that's not what I meant."
"Oh, so how does the television help tell time?"
"Well, there's this show called 60 minutes. It has a clock on it, that ticks!"
"Yes it sure does!"

Today during choice time a group of my girls decided I needed presents. They asked to borrow the tape and went at it. They were coloring, and cutting, wrapping and taping. When choice time was just about over, they walked over to me to present me with my gifts, all carefully and lovingly wrapped and very securely taped.

We have been discussing weather the past few weeks and today was water cycle day. I read a story, and talked about what happens to puddles. My little Tinkerbell was obviously listening very intently because she had it down! I was presented with this...
See the blue blob? That's the puddle, and if you look very closely to the left of that puddle you can see water vapor rising up into the air. How great is that?

Then I unwrapped this...

This would be the Sphinx and the Great Pyramid of Giza.
"Because you have Egyptian hair Mrs. Collins"
I'm not really sure what Egyptian hair is, I'm thinking dark and straight like Cleopatra Queen of the Nile?

Very well could be, because my next present was this crown!

Perfect attire for a leisurely trip down The Nile!

So it was a good day, my 60-minute watching, llama clocking, water cycling, pyramid drawing, crown- makers helped make it that way!
I can't imagine better presents than that.

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