Sunday, November 23, 2008


 I hate shopping. Wait. Let me clarify, I hate shopping at the mall. Mostly I hate the crowds. It's always too hot, I hate not knowing what to buy as I keep hoping that idea for my mother, husband, father, sister-in-law, will pop out and announce, "here I am, buy me!" 
My family doesn't help me out much since most of the time when I ask, I hear, "I don't need anything, or just get me underwear." 

I went to the mall yesterday afternoon with hubby and the little one. We looked around and the only thing I came out of there with was a new Coach wristlet. I had a gift card that I had yet to spend (Thanks Maria!!!) so since I was there I took the opportunity.
Back we went today and this time without kids. We are so much more productive without kids in tow. I managed to buy gifts this time, but I also squeezed in a pair of shoes for myself. Shoes are the best! You can try them on without the hassle of a dressing room, there is no guess work with sizing. If you're a 9 1/2 , you're a 9 1/2. You don't have to worry about gaining or losing weight and having them not fit. So I'm a big fan of buying shoes when you're feeling a little down. An instant pick-me-up!

The one thing I do like about shopping is the people watching. 
There are the husbands hanging out on mall benches trying to be patient, mommy's pushing sleeping babies in strollers, daddies chasing toddlers who refuse to sit in strollers, teen-aged girls who wear too little even though it's 25 degrees outside, in order to attract teen-aged boys with their pants pulled down to low, who follow those girls around like drooling Pavlov's dogs.
Credit and Debit cards are flying, and cash is being passed, the parking lots are full. I know the economy is in the toilet, but you wouldn't know it.
I'm headed to the  mall again tonight, but this time we're making it a girl's night out. A nice dinner at Joe's Bar and Grill, a few glasses of wine and more shopping and people watching. We'll laugh like silly teen-agers (but we'll be more appropriately dressed), and marvel at the fact that we are there...alone...without our children. 
So tonight I'll buy the Christmas jammies (a yearly tradition), that underwear my husband asked for, and if I can't find anything for my mom...there's always shoes.


Nash's Mom said...

Wait, you went to the mall 3 days in a row?? What a brave woman you are! Trip #3 sounds like my fav. And it really is sooo much easier to shop sans child, isn't it? Glad you finally used the gift card!

Jen W said...

My mall is the Internet.