Sunday, January 18, 2009

W is for Weeeee!

Disclaimer: I really am not as geeky as the following blog post suggests.

My kids have no idea how lucky they are. At the risk of dating myself, when I was a kid our first game system was Pong. Blip, blip, blip, blip...mesmerizing stuff! (thanks to the thesaurus extrordinaire!!)

It wasn't long before technology improved and we moved up to Intellivision. "Intelligent Intellivision" was the slogan. I'm not sure how intelligent it was but at the time it was state of the art, Mattel's answer to Atari. As primitive as it was, it provided my brother and I with hours of video game entertainment. Baseball, Football, Snafu, Armor Battle and my personal favorite, Burger Time! Making that little chef run around building burgers all while trying to avoid the dreaded sunny-side up egg and the pickles! Good times!

As time went on we owned every Nintendo system made, NES, 64, and Game Cube. When hubby and I were first married, before we had kids we would spend hours spread out on the living room floor trying to save the princesses Zelda and Peach.

Just when you think they've invented it all, Nintendo decides they need to fuel the addiction with the Wii. This little marvel can help us stay in shape by calculating the dreaded BMI, give us our "wii fit age", teaches us yoga, takes us skiing, to the bowling alley, the ball park, to the Olympics and to...the TRACK!
The Mario Kart track that is! Through the snow on DK Summit, Cruising the sand on Peach Beach, Riding the rails of Wario's Gold Mine and avoiding cars in the parking lot of Coconut Mall, this game has it all.

We can race each other here at home, but the best part is the Wii's capability to connect on line. With this little feature we can race people around the world. I've raced against people in Ireland, Great Britain, Japan, Italy, Israel, Germany and here in the good old USA!
This game fuels my competitive nature like no other!

I have managed to acquire a nice little group of Kart friends who I race against whenever we can coordinate our schedules. Share the Mario Kart friend number and you're off and running. There is nothing better than bumping your friends off a mushroom, forcing them into some boiling hot lava, or taking them out with a Red Koopa Shell just before they cross the finish line, allowing you to take the race right out from under them!


Look out Danica Patrick, I have a banana peel with your name on it!

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Jen W said...

We had Atari when I was growing up. My favorite was Pitfall. But now my kids have the Wii and Nintendo DS. It is addicting!