Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I is for Inauguration!

Our entire school watched the inauguration today. Fifth grade, down to kindergarten as well as every staff member sat down to watch Barack Obama become our 44th President. Quite a momentous and historic occasion. A moment that caused me to wipe a tear or two.
I  know most of our kindergarten students didn't understand the awesomeness of the event but I do hope some day they'll  remember that they sat and watched as the first man of African-American decent became The President of the United States of America.
 I sat and watched President Obama deliver his speech, and as he looked out over millions of people, I realized the awesomeness of the task ahead of him. That moment for me would have been fuel for an instant panic attack. Will he ever have a good night's sleep again? Will he ever be able to enjoy a meal without indigestion? Sure, he looks young now, but what will he look like in 4 years? In 8 years? 
Who would want that job?
Well apparently I have some very intelligent and thoughtful kindergarten students who would jump at the chance.
Here was the question I posed to them...
"If you were the president what would you do for the United States?"
I got some GREAT answers, "Save Whales", "Work Hard", "Feed the Poor", and "Give People Money" (this kid get's my vote!!)
Here are a few of my favorites,
And just in case you are not skilled at reading kindergarten spelling, the translations follow each picture...

"save people from robbers"

"fight crime"

and the biggest issue facing our country today...

"get rid of high fructose corn syrup"

'nuff said.


IamDerby said...

LOL Lisa. Our school did the same thing. One of our K teachers made a movie featuring the kids and in the advice to Obama section one kid said, eat your vegetables. Too funny!

Jen W said...

So cute!