Monday, January 23, 2012

Snow is a four letter word!

It's late January and we finally have snow! Since we came back from our holiday break we've been making snowmen, reading snow stories and making snow predictions but the weather just didn't want to cooperate. Until...
This weekend when we finally were blessed with 4-6" of the white fluffy stuff.
So today before it all melts away I planned some really fun snowy activities!
While my little snowflakes were at art this morning I filled a bucket with snow, collected some materials and waited for them to return.

I sat them all in a circle and we built a new little friend.
We talked about what we thought would happen to our snowman during the day. 
Some thought he'd run away like our gingerbread man, but most knew he was going to melt.
I gave them each a simple recording sheet so we could draw our observations at different intervals throughout the day.
recording our observations!

We measured our new friend to see how many cubes tall he is.
And then we made some predictions.
He melted...
and melted...
and melted!
We were sad to see our new friend reduced to snowman soup, but we sure had a lot of fun watching him!

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Nicole said...

Love this idea! If we ever get snow,I'm going to do it with my kiddos.