Monday, February 13, 2012

P is for Penguin, P is for Polar Bear

One of my favorite units to teach is my Polar Animal unit. I think penguins and polar bears are fascinating animals, true lessons in endurance and perseverance! I also love teaching using nonfiction books, the kids love the photographs and I love how we can use nonfiction to improve our kindergarten writing. Special thanks to Mrs. Williamson on Welcome to Room 36! and Michele Cain on C.E. Kindergarten Kids! Who originally posted their inspiring ideas on Pinterest.

Love a Penguin with a sense of style!

Macaroni Penguin


applesandabcs said...

Your polar bears are so cute!!!


Jackie H. said...

We just took a winter trip to the zoo and saw the penguins and the penguin babies!!! we'll have to do some of these fun activities. Your penguins and bears sure are cute.