Tuesday, October 21, 2008

B is for Baseball

And not just any baseball. Red Sox Baseball, and for another week or so, still the World Champion Boston Red Sox. 
I am a fan. The word fan of course is derived from the word fanatic. The dictionary definition: A person filled with excessive interest in and enthusiasm for something, especially an activity: a baseball fanatic.
That sums me up pretty nicely I'd say. 
I love them. I have 25 pretend boyfriends. I still miss Nomar, I think Manny is a jerk, I know how to spell Yazstremski. I've eaten at Remdawgs. I've shaken hands with Jason Varitek, my son has worn Luis Tiant's World Series Ring.  My name is written on the Pesky Pole, I sing Sweet Caroline just because, and I love that Dirty Water, I think the Drop Kick Murphys Rock. I know who Tessie is and did I mention I still miss Nomah? But, the number one thing that identifies me as a Sox fan? I HATE the yankees. (Notice the non-capitalization of the word yankee. It may be a proper noun, but they are far from proper).
I'm disappointed about the loss my team endured at the hands of the upstart Rays, but I do have to admit they are a pretty good story. Dead last last season, and now competing for the title. 
Although I am disappointed, I'm not sad. If it had been a loss to the yankees, I would have been out of commission for a good week. There is just something about losing to that team from the Bronx that kills my spirit. There are just too many painful instances, 2003 being the most recent. It took me a long time to get over Aaron F. Boone and his stupid home run. It still makes me ill to think about it.
But that's water under the Tobin Bridge. 
There is no doubt anymore that they really do suck. 
I worry sometimes where my hatred of all things yankee takes me. It's unhealthy. 
If I'm in a store and I see yankees jerseys or t-shirts, I will find a Red Sox jersey to put over them. I have taken yankees hats off shelves and placed them on the floor. When I see someone wearing a yankees cap, I have to hold myself back from flicking it off their head. 
Today I was listening in on a conversation two of my kinder kids were having. One said to the other, "the yankees always win and the Red Sox always lose." I was on that like mustard on a hot dog. 
"Kevin love, you have that all wrong. The yankees are actually the big giant losers. They have this guy on their team called Alex Rodriguez, you may have heard of him Kevin. His nickname is A-Fraud. This guy A-Fraud, never comes through when his team needs him most. It's actually very sad little misguided Kevin. You should support a real team little Kevy. One with a good work ethic, one with players they refer to as dirt dogs. That's right cute little Kevin, Red Sox. Repeat after me, R-E-D S-O-X. They're ya go!"

Okay, that's not exactly how I handled that, but rest assured it was handled! 
I can't control much in this life, but my classroom is and will remain yankee fan free. 

Rest Well Boys, we'll see you in the Spring.



nana2mdnjp said...

Keep molding those little minds to know that Red Sox Rock, yankees SUCK!

x said...

Sorry 'bout the Sox. Love that you're such a fan!

Angel said...

I am enjoying reading your blog. GO RED SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nash's Mom said...

I think you rubbed a little of that off on last year's class as well. Nash is a huge fan and was bummed when the Sox lost to "Tampa The Bay"! Until spring......