Thursday, October 9, 2008

No Kissing in Kindergarten!

Believe it or not, that little rule is a necessary one. 
No kissing in kindergarten and no weddings until 2nd grade. 
I have a kissy girl in my class. She loves the boys. She's a hand holder and a vixen! It's for her this rule is in effect and has to be reinforced everyday. 
No kissing in kindergarten.
Up until today I never actually saw the rule being broken, just a lot of 
"Mrs. C, Dora (not her real name) tried to kiss me." 
"Mrs. C, Dora kissed my hand." 
"Mrs. C, Dora is puckering her lips at me and making weird noises!" 

Mostly I just send them to the tattle jar for things like this, but today, I actually witnessed "The Kisser" in action.

It was right after lunch. I'm sure she thought I wasn't paying attention as I was herding the little lambs into the circle. She was so innocently sitting next to Timmy (also not his real name) when I saw her whisper something in his ear, followed by the pucker, then the ever so subtle lining up of the lips and SMACK! It happened. 

I gasped! They jumped!

 Timmy turned red and immediately began to sob. Caught-in-the-act! 
Dora had a sly little smirk on her face. 
Poor Timmy, yet another victim of ..."The Kisser!"

I pointed my finger at the two lip smackers and wiggled it at them in that "come here" teacher way. I sat down so I was eye to eye with the slobbery duo. Timmy continued to cry, Dora continued to smile. 

I calmly (while trying to hold in the chuckle) explained about germs and what not. Timmy sobbed louder... and... louder...and... louder. 
"Timmy what's the matter? No one is angry with you, I just want to explain about the kissing rule. I think you both understand better now, go back to your seat.
I sent Timmy to get a drink to collect himself but he clearly was not himself for the rest of the afternoon. He didn't even want to play during the much anticipated "choice time".
He finally came to me, and asked,
 "Mrs. C, can I go to the nurse?" 
"I think you're just fine Timmy, why do you want to go to the nurse?" 
"It's Dora's germs, I think they're making me SICK!"

I was instantaneously reminded  of 8th grade when I attended my first make out party. I was afraid to kiss Tommy Goodwin because I was convinced I was going to get mono. 

I've ruined Timmy. He'll never want to kiss another girl as long as he lives. 

Yeah, right.


Nash's Mom said...

Oh poor Timmy! Scarred for life!! Wouldn't it be great to track these kids and see what kind of teenagers they turn out to be?? And is the wedding rule new? Nash had two weddings last year if I recall correctly!

Jen W said...

Ah yes, the Kindergarten kissing bandits!

Mary Ellen said...

When I was in K Felipe Ossa was nicknamed by my family Felipe the kisser and to this day is what my family calls him. LOL

kkcliffy said...

I had one of those in my class and she finally seemed to be getting over it, but now I've got about 5 kids (mostly boys although my class has a much higher percentage of girls) kissing or trying to kiss others! This causing fights, arguments, pushing, and hitting! Just talking to them about it is not working. What else do you do to enforce that rule?