Monday, October 6, 2008

F is for Field Trip

Today we got out of Dodge and took the kids on their first field trip. We made our annual trek to the Topsfield Fair.  We stayed far away from the midway with it's noise and sketchy characters. No rides, no games, no fun! Fine with me who says field trips are supposed to be fun? 
Most of the kids were fine with this little rule, but the draw was big and it was hard to resist but we persevered. 
For us grownups, it was avoiding the food that was difficult. It hits you the second you walk through the main gate. Cider dounuts, roasted nuts, fried dough, FRENCH FRIES. Is there anything better fair food than FRENCH FRIES with salt and vinegar? The pull of the aromas was great, but we somehow managed to move on to the farm exhibits. 
It doesn't take long to realize what kids find fascinating about farm animals. Poop. We ran into poop not 100 feet into the grounds. A enormous Clydesdale was being led into into it's pen when it let loose. Clydesdale poop is HUGE and it didn't go unnoticed. 
Poop smells. There is no getting around it. Farm animals are smelly. Some smellier than others. The smelliest. Sheep. Go figure. They don't even have the biggest poop, but when we walked into the sheep barn the smell nearly knocked me over. Funny thing is, after awhile you don't even notice the smell. That's when you know it's time to move on.

The cows. I love cows. Cows poop, but the smell doesn't bother me. I almost find it pleasant. There is something so peaceful and gentle about a cow. I have a special fondness for cows and I think I know where it comes from. 
I'm a city girl now, but I was a country girl growing up. I spent my summers frolicking in the country. Every Labor Day weekend I'd spend time with my friends at the Woodstock Fair in Connecticut. Part of that time I would spend in the cow barn hanging out with Bambi.  Bambi had those big giant cow eyes and I'm not sure if my fondness of cows comes from knowing Bambi or having a crush on Bambi's owner, the cute boy who lived down the hill, who coincidentally had big brown eyes of his own!

The one thing at the fair that never ceases to amaze me is the giant pumpkin. This is not your everyday shiny big round pumpkin. This thing isn't even round. This year's winner weighs over 1400 lbs. That's a lot of pie! 

Some of the funnier conversations I had with my kids today...
"Mrs. C do chicken nuggets come from chickens?"
"Yes, they do, but don't say that too loud in here, you might upset them."

"Mrs. C. where does the poop come out of the chicken."
"Somewhere near his bottom."
"But where's the hole."
"I'm not sure, under the feathers I think."
"Can you move the feathers so I can see?"

"Mrs. C. where are the bunny's eggs."
"Bunnies don't lay eggs."
"Yes they do. Colored ones." 

City kids.
By far my favorite farm animal was the Alpaca. They poop too but these are nearly as cute as a puppy, they actually look like they smile and I want one. He can live in my back yard. I can brush him, give him colorful bandanas to wear and use his hair to spin yarn and make mittens and sweaters for me and my entire family because I'm crafty like that.  

City girl.


Jill said...

This is a classic
"Mrs. C. where are the bunny's eggs."
"Bunnies don't lay eggs."
"Yes they do. Colored ones."

Love reading your blog Lisa!

Flip Flop Momma said...

wanting to see the chickens buttthole has to be the highlight here 4 me;)