Wednesday, February 4, 2009

L is for Laugh

There are times during my kindergarten day when I truly crack myself up. It usually happens when I'm trying to be the most serious.
For example, the other day the kids were lined up in the hall for dismissal when a child from one of the other classes kissed another. 
This is the following conversation...
Mrs. P: Now E you know kissing in kindergarten is not allowed.
E: Is it a law?
Mrs. P: Yes, I'm sure it is. Isn't it a law Mrs. S?
Mrs. S: Not only is it a law but it's a STATE law!
Mrs. P: See, E. It's a state law, it might even be a Federal Law.
Me: Actually, I think it's an international law with global repercussions!

Kindergarten is the only grade you can get away with stuff like that.

Today, I said something that made me laugh so hard I couldn't even finish my sentence.

I have a little girl in my class who is the care taker of every other little girl in my class. I actually caught her spoon feeding another child her yogurt. 
Today one of the kids had some very chapped lips and was bleeding a little bit, so I told her to grab a tissue. Not long after I noticed care taker girl holding the blood spotted tissue.

Me: B, She does not need you to help her with lips, she can manage herself, and you don't want to be touching someone else's bloody tissue."
B: Why not?
Me: Because it's a bio hazard!
The second I said it I burst out laughing. Mrs. S burst out laughing, Mrs. V burst out laughing. 
Not a shred of credibility left.

Care taker girl just shook her head and walked away. 

Only in kindergarten.

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Jen W said...

But you are right. It *is* a bio hazard!