Monday, February 16, 2009


Kids say the darndest things. 
Most of the things the kids say make me laugh.  We had our Valentine's Day celebration last Friday. I started the discussion, "Who do you love?" Most of the kids said, "my mom", "my dad" or "my dog" but,  Flower Child had a different answer. 
"Flower Child, who do you love?" 
"Mrs. C, I love the Earth."
"Of course you do!"
Sometimes the things they say require a lesson on tolerance and patience. 
"Mrs. C, he's not a very good reader" or "Mrs. C, she's not very smart."
 Sometimes the things I hear are enough to make me want to cry. 
"My mommy told me I was messy and it hurt my feelings."
But never have I had a child say something to me that made me want to throw up. Until...
"Mrs. C. I don't feel very good."
"I can tell you're a little sniffly today Flower Child."
"Yes, I am but I know how to swallow my snots."
"Maybe you should blow your nose."
"No! I suck them out backwards and when I feel them in my throat, down they go!

They say the darndest things, but to that I had no reply. Pass the barf bag!


nana2mdnjp said...

ooh! gross!
I think a green sleeve is better.

Jen W said...

Um yeah, totally gagging on that thought.