Thursday, December 4, 2008

Flower Child

Have you ever had the pleasure of knowing someone who just seems to have been born in the wrong era? I have one such cherub in my class this year. She is the sweetest little thing. She's gentle and kind, and just a little bit flowery. She belongs back in the 60's. Her mission in life is to spread love, I'm sure of it.

She's the first one with a hug in the morning, and the last one with a hug when it's time to go home, and she's very funny and doesn't realize it. 

Just before Thanksgiving, we were following our daily routine of sharing news. 
Me: Flower Child, where are you going for Thanksgiving?"
Flower Child: To my grandma's house where we will dance around the turkey and sing songs!"
Me: Really? What else will you have with your turkey?
Flower Child: Well, my grandma makes excellent chili. And she makes corn bread and she puts in a special secret ingredient.
Me: She does? What's the special secret ingredient? Or is it a secret.
Flower Child: Well, it is secret, but I'll tell you. The secret ingredient is, LOVE!
Me: Of course it is! 

She just spreads it where ever she goes. Love, Love, Love! She wears it on her face, she shows it in her actions!

She has a little itty bitty crush on one of the boys in my classroom. Today she asked me if she could go out to the hallway to get her folder from her back pack. A few minutes later a co-worker brought her back into my room and said she found Flower Child lying on the floor with her eyes shut. She said she bumped her head and fainted. So I called F.C. over to me.

Me: Now Flower, sweetie, did you really bump your head?
Flower: No, but I took one look at Timmy with his hair combed and I just passed out! He's sooo cute and handsome!
Me: Yes, love he is indeed handsome, now hand me your folder and go sit down in your spot.
Flower: Okay. 
She sat down right next to him, glanced in his direction and promptly "fainted" again.

I'm not sure where all this love is going to take her in life, but she does have a very sweet way about her. Whatever she becomes, she will be caring and considerate, she will think of others before herself, she will be patient and reflective, she will become something to help make the world a better place...

she'll probably become a teacher!

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Jen W said...

Love the new masthead.

FC is adorable! I can totally picture what she's like from your description.