Tuesday, May 31, 2011

G is for Grow!

Our little garden project is coming along quite nicely! We've finally had some beautiful gardening weather so I felt it was safe to plant our little seedlings into the ground where they can spread their roots.

Although the kids have helped in the classroom, sowing seeds, watering and measuring their plants,

I've done all of the outside garden work. Tomorrow will be the first time I march my kids down to the garden to see their sprouts in their new home.

They will finally get a chance to plant their tomato plants that have gotten really tall and have more than outgrown their little paper cups.

I can't wait to watch them get their hands dirty!

June 3, 2011

The weather finally decided to cooperate and we were able to plant our tomato plants this morning.
Our little cherry tomato seedlings are soaking up the sun in their new garden home.


Jackie H. said...

Love the plant stakes! We need to transfer ours too.

Cordial said...

Oh, I like how you wrote "P is for ..." on the stakes.
I can see value in doing that all around -- "D is for door", "C is for clock" on many of the signs in the classroom.
Capitals and lowercase in action. Thanks for the good idea

Ashley DeMazza said...

Hi my name is Ashley DeMazza. I live in Falls Village, CT with Mr. DeMazza, also a teacher and the two DeMazza daughters. I am also Mrs. DeMazza to lots of five year olds at North Canaan Elementary School. I just love this gardening idea. Your blog is wonderful. I am so glad I found it!