Tuesday, May 3, 2011

T is for Texting

It's been a school year full of changes. Some good ones, and some that have been very hard to get used to. We've had our share of drama, snags along the way but I have no doubt we'll all come out on top feeling good for having persevered.

 Because of all these changes, as much as I love teaching, and love those kindergarteners there are some days, when it's just hard to  hard to get myself out of my cozy warm bed and go to school. The one thing that this sometimes difficult year has taught me is to be grateful. Grateful that I have the friends that I do. We support each other when we need support, we make each other laugh, or are there for each other when we just need a little boost of confidence or a listening ear or shoulder to lean on.

I was reminded of that today. I was in the middle of a conversation with one of my little cherubs. I was trying to convince her to stop telling on her friends and get back to work after getting out of her seat for what seemed like the millionth time. I had one foot inside the room and the other in the hallway so I could keep my eye on the camel munchkin getting HIS millionth drink from the bubbler.

One of my friends walked by. I must have looked like I needed one of those "you can do it" hugs because I got one and it was just what I needed.

"Cherub, go back to your seat and be friends, no more tattles, give hugs instead of tattles."
"OMG! You mean go be BFF's like you two?"
"Yes! BFF's just like us."
 "'LOL Mrs. Collins'"


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