Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I is for Internet

Ah Summer. As much as I love my job as a kindergarten teacher I appreciate the break. I put my heart and soul into educating those young minds and by the time June rolls around I'm spent! It always takes me a few days to switch gears and allow myself to just be! With summer comes time for me to do the things I enjoy doing. Going to the beach, just hanging with my family, reading a good book, or two or three and...surfing "The Net". 
What is God's name did we do without the internet? Need the answer to a burning question? Google it. Need a zip code? Google it? Weather? Accuweather.com. Want to watch the Red Sox beat the yankees again? Youtube. It's all there. 
I was thinking yesterday of my life on the internet. It's the first thing I do in the morning after I "use the facilities" and brush my teeth. I sit down and check my email. I have met wonderful people on the net. Some I've met through old AOL message boards that I've been emailing with for about 8 years now. Some of those I've met in person, some I only know from their words on the screen but they are still some of my best friends. We share everything with each other. Happy times, sad times, worrying times, the death of family members and the birth of babies. 
After email it's on to myspace to check my messages, the emotional state of my friends and the latest photos of their kids.
When I need a quick trivia quiz fix I log on to sploofus.com. Trivia for the trivia fan. Not only can you take trivia quizzes here on just about any topic you choose, you can create trivia quizzes for other trivia freaks! Trivia heaven people..trivia heaven!
Sometime during the day I visit webcrosswords.com for the daily crossword puzzle. If there's nothing on t.v. worth watching at night I log on to the internet scrabble club for a game of Scrabble. This is the best. You can play a game with people from all over the world. I recently played a match against a guy named Juan stationed over in Iraq. 
As if that weren't enough there are message boards, bookmarks I use for my job, shopping sites and this blog and you can see why I need summer vacation. So much internet, so little time! Now, off to check email!

Coming soon...my other on-line addiction. Survivor Out Pick'em.

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