Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Y is for You can't make this stuff up! Part 2

The best part of my job is just sitting and talking to kids. Have you ever sat and talked, really talked to a 5-year-old? There are really very funny. I had a very long (3 minute) conversation with a kindergartener about food. We had indoor recess due to the weather and the kids were being a little noisy during the recess movie, so I sat among them to keep them quiet. Andy (name changed to protect the innocent) isn't even in my class, and has not said more than two words to me all year...until now. This is our conversation:
Him: I eat bacon at my house.
Me: Really, bacon is good isn't it? So yummy!
Him: Yeah, I used to like macaroni and cheese but my mom makes it too cheesy so I don't like it anymore.
Me: Well I can see how that could be a problem. What else do you like?
Him: Hot dogs.
Me: Do you like any vegetables?
Him: Carrots and ketchup.
Me: Hey! Ketchup is my favorite vegetable too! Do you ever go to McDonald's?
Him: Pfft, all the time. I like cheeseburgers there, just ketchup, no cheese.
Me: So, you mean you like hamburgers.
Him: No! I hate ham!

They kill me!

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