Wednesday, July 23, 2008

O is for Obsession

This is going to be one of those post that make you say "This chick is a whack job" but I'm going to go ahead with this anyway.
I admit it, I'm a Survivor junkie. You know Survivor, That CBS reality show that started the reality show craze. It was the original and I think the best. I know one thing for certain, I could never in a gazillion years be a contestant on that show. I could probably hold my own nature wise. I could help build a shelter, start a fire, fish, and all that other outdoorsy stuff. I might even do well in those physical challenges. I'm a decent swimmer, I've even run a half marathon...and finished! I'm a trivia buff and I have a pretty good memory and can solve puzzles with the best of them. What I don't have is a thick enough skin. How do I know this? Well you see, during every season of Survivor I play a little on-line game called Survivor Out Pick'em. 
Basically you join a tribe, make alliances, strategize and vote people off all while trying to become the sole survivor. Piece o' cake you say? Wrong.
This game is intense. 
I spent last season playing the part of Katie Holmes-Cruise, partying with Burt Reynolds, Will Smith, Cameron Diaz, Willem Defoe and Will Farrell, not to mention Meryl Streep, Ron Howard and Sean Connery and a whole host of others and at the same time have an island "affair" with Kiefer Sutherland. Well, who wouldn't? Tom has nothing on Keifer. At the end of the game there is a big reveal where everyone tells who they are in real life.("Kiefer" by the way, turned out to be a very nice woman named Ann.) Questioning my sanity yet? 
Let me explain. Some of the games have themes. This particular one had a Hollywood theme. "Hollywood Heat". As Katie, I got to be Fun, Flirty, Sexy and Fashionable, but also a sucker for a handsome face. Long story short...I was booted and not too gracefully either.
It's so hard for the non-player to really appreciate the intensity that is this game, but trust me,there is so much lying and back stabbing that goes on a person needs a pretty thick skin to not let it get to her. I just don't have that, I'm too honest, too trusting and I let things get to me. I know I'll never win "the million" but I do have fun trying. 
I swear every season when I'm in the thick of it, that I will never play again. That it's just not worth the time, effort and thinking I put into it, but when the season and the game end I actually have withdrawals.  It's a sickness I tell you. 
If you care to join me in September you can find me at...
If you're wondering who I'll be this season, 

I'll be the whack job.


Jessica said...

Sounds like fun! By the way, being a kindergarten teacher is awesome! Two of my daughters who have been to kindergarten had the best teachers! I am hoping my next daughter, who will go to kindergarten in two years, will get a great teacher too!

Flip Flop Momma said...

damn woman..

I only watched it the first year, and that was plenty..I just dont get it..

But damn, I hope no one calls during the show or it will mess up your whole mo-jo:)