Thursday, July 31, 2008


Even though I'm home all summer, each year I sign Little up for some kind of camp.  We aren't going away this summer, we are, instead, "vacationing" in my new kitchen so camp gives him something to do to break up the summer a little bit.
I sent him to two different camps this year. The first is called S.N.A.K.E.S. I have no idea what the acronym SNAKES stands for, but it involves reptiles  and a pond. He had a great time except for the one day he came home and told me, "I don't really fit in." I chuckled. I know, I know, it sounds so sad, but it was really just Little being Little. He also told me that Moby Dick lives in the pond there. I told him that was impossible since Moby Dick is a whale and whales live in the ocean. Well little did I know that Moby Dick is actually a rather large snapping turtle. Who knew??
This week he's attending camp at a YMCA in a neighboring town. He loves this camp! 
I went to pick him up yesterday and a very tall and young camp counselor told me there was an "incident" involving Little and another boy. I instantly hoped that it was my child that was the victim. Now I know how awful that sounds, but he looked fine, so I really wasn't that concerned with his well being. But alas, Little WAS "the incident". Seems some kid "flicked  Little's hat off  so Little decided punching him would be a good idea. Weird because Little can be "quirky" at times but he's NEVER violent or hurtful. So he had to sit out for arts and crafts, which he informed me was "boring anyway." So much for sending a message.
The counselor told me the other boy was okay, but he didn't know what other consequences there would be. I'm thinking, so what does that mean? Questions were running rampant through my head! Is Little going to be expelled from Y camp? Would he be arrested for assault with a dangerous weapon...a closed fist? And what of the hat flicker? Did he have to miss boring arts and crafts?
We showed up at camp this morning, not knowing what check-in held for us. But phew, they let us in without a hitch. At least four counselors said hello to him as he walked in. I'm not sure that he being well known is such a good thing! I mean, what is he known FOR exactly????
I heard one counselor say to another, "he is the cutest little boy."
Yeah, he is...and it's a darn good thing!

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