Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Totally Random Thoughts

I get that gas prices are high and people are looking for alternatives but as a driver, these things scare me. Are they a bike that belongs on the side of the road or a motorcycle that should go along with the flow of traffic? I saw a guy yesterday moving through cars like he was a stunt man. I'm sure if the Grand Canyon had magically appeared in down town Salem, "Evel Knievel"  would have tried to jump it. I almost hit him and it would have been my fault. 
I have entertained the thought of purchasing a scooter. A hot little red number. I could scoot to my job each morning but the thought of dealing with helmet head for the remainder of the day is keeping from taking the plunge. Vanity is a wonderful thing.

Isn't it so disappointing when you are really looking forward to that peach and it SUCKS? How about grainy watermelon? Tasteless cantaloupe? Dried up honeydew? It's infuriating!

I believe most people are honest, at least for the most part. The other day I was in Stop and Shop and in a hurry for some reason. Why? I don't know, because as  a teacher I am living the life of leisure right now, but anyway, because I was in a hurry I decided to use the self check out because, I am much faster than the average check out clerk, I can bag my groceries more efficiently and in some order and I can of enjoy it, I like the little beep beeps as I scan my stuff and the line was shorter.
So I run my debit card through to pay and select the "cash back" button because I have none. So my 30.00 spits out into the little tray, and my receipt prints from the little machine. As I'm bagging, the next person (young thing in short shorts) in line starts to scan her stuff. I hate that because her stuff gets mixed up with mine and I'm always really afraid of taking home the wrong groceries. Can you imagine my husbands face if I accidentally brought home a pregnancy test for example??
I hear the little voice say, "Please don't forget your receipt and cash below the scanner"
So I'm annoyed as I bag my stuff. I remember to grab my receipt, but totally forget to grab my "cash below the scanner". Partly because I'm annoyed, but mostly because she is standing there in front of it and I swear now it was on purpose. 
I go to put the groceries in the car then realize my mistake. It's been literally about 3 minutes. I run in and go to the check out. Girl is gone, cash is gone. I'm out thirty bucks. I checked with customer service just in case she did the right thing, but nope. 
I justify by saying, "I hope she has hungry kids to feed". 
I know this is all my fault, but seriously. How does that girl sleep at night?

My 14 year-old informed me that he plans to get his too long, drive mom nuts, hair cut today. Yeah! Victory! 
In the same moment, my 16 year-old informs me he's not cutting his hair until the Jr. prom, which is in May. 
My 7 year-old wants a mohawk. Yeah right. There are some battles I choose not to fight, I'm going for the knock out with this one.

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Flip Flop Momma said...

ok..first up...the scooters..I TOTALLT agree with u on this one..Here in my city, you see poeple driving golf carts around like they are some caddy's or some shit...I dont get it...they dont belong on a road going with the flow of traffic.

Fruit..yup...I hate when I buy a huge watermelon and the thing has no damn taste..or when an oragnge is like hard..I hate that..

but i also had when i peel a cucumber to eat it, and it taste like poision.

there are more liars and thives in the world then honest people..its just the way it goes...some people are just hardcore douche bags.

and hair, my 11 year old wanted to grow his hair last year..and I let him..But I told him if he was gonna give me shit about washing himself and the hair, it was gonna be cut..

Well one too many times I told him to shower and he didnt...so i June I sat his ass down and i got my clippers out..end of long hair.