Sunday, September 21, 2008

C is for Car

We have been a one car family since last January. I don't really know how we managed but we did. It required a little extra walking and a little extra juggling and occasionally asking for a ride or two but it worked. It was easier during the summer since all of us in our house are either teachers or students we really never HAD to go anywhere and when we did, we figured it out.
It was great to save a little money when gas prices were at an all time high this summer and we saved on insurance too.
However, now that school has started and we are all going in different directions again, and we now have a third driver in the family, (God help me!) a second car has become a necessity again. So off Mr. Dad and I went to car shop.
I hate car shopping. I hate the uncomfortableness of it, the haggling, the negotiating, the feeling as if you're being ripped off, and the uncomfortable pause between the close of the deal and the final hand shake. I'm not good at the negotiating because I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings. Stupid, I know. 
One of the requirements of our new car was a big trunk for trucking around all the soccer equipment that belongs to our family. Bags and bags of it. Cones, soccer balls, pinnies and water bottles. It all goes in the trunk. 
I want my trunk back! I want the smelly soccer stuff out of my car!
So we picked one out for a test drive, took it for a little spin along the shore. Drove nice, no weird noises, nice smell, and spotless, low mileage, good warrantee. 
So Mr. Friendly car dealer shows us all around the car. All the little features and gadgets. He opened the trunk, and the words out of my mouth were...
"Look! It's big enough for your balls!"

We're bringing the new baby home tomorrow.


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When i am reading the post i cant control my laugh lol thanks

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Nice tough of saving the money and go for a travel in a car