Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A is for Alphabet, M is for Moon

I heard a great story during lunch today. My fellow kindergarten teacher across the hall had her kids writing the alphabet in their journals.
One little boy who was puzzled asked, "How do you write the letter 'emmeno'." 
"What letter?" she asked.
"Oh! No it's actually three letters, M, N, O."
"No, N goes at the end, you know Y N Z."

Isn't that the best? 

My kids were particularly chatty today. Must be the after effects of the full moon. Ask any teacher they'll tell you there really is something to this full moon thing. It slowly starts to build two or three days before and settles down two or three days later. 
The tides rise and fall to the pull of the moon, the noise level in my classroom rises and falls to the pull of the moon. 
There are more 911 calls during the full moon than other time, more babies are born during full moons, there are more traffic accidents when there is a full moon and there are the payout rates at casinos are higher during a full moon.
I'm not sure who studies all this stuff, but they could have saved themselves a whole lot of time by  peeking into any classroom across the country and know there is something to this looney lunar theory.


jennai said...

These type of stories attracts the kids more to have fun thanks for sharing

jennai said...

I have to agree with you more calls 911 in full moon why that is happening i am no get to know up to now