Friday, September 26, 2008

P is for Parent

I'm pretty sure I don't have to tell you my five loyal blog readers how important parental involvement is to a child's school achievement. 
I've had years where I've had very involved parents who come to social events, parent conferences, and open houses and then I've had years when I meet a parent briefly on the first day of school and then don't see them again.
There have been countless studies done on the subject, but I can tell what kind of involvement year I'll have based purely on a child's behavior in the classroom. 
This year's class of kids is as cute as ever. They are funny, and bright and all have huge potential, but they are not the best behaved children. I am working on that and I'm confident that I'll have them on the straight and narrow by January. 
Last night was open house at our school. Out of 15 families (I have one set of twins) only 5 parents attended. 
I'm not blaming  the parents necessarily. Although, I do think that in certain cases some could make a better effort, but I truly believe there are other forces at work here.
Our school's population is currently 52% free and reduced lunch. Over half our population is considered below the poverty line. Parent's can not take time off from work to attend school functions for fear of losing their jobs or having less in their pay checks due to hours spent away from work. We can blame are "wonderful" economy for that. (Vote people!!!!)
I know most are doing the best they can. Schedules and the cost of baby sitters do not always allow parents to attend school functions. But it's easy to see how trends can continue. If children aren't shown the value of education they will never know the value of an education. Parents who are well informed and take an interest in their child's learning are improving their child's chances of success. A parent is a child's first teacher and we are partners in the business of education and inspiration!


X said...

Oh man, five??? That's just wrong. All of it. The parents not showing, the fact they can't take off work for fear of losing their job. All of it makes me sad.
I really hope things get better with the economy, but I think it's gonna get worse first.

Nash's Mom said...

Yikes! I did stop by your room after we did the tour and it was empty. I just assumed you were all across the hall or something. It makes me sad. I hope they figure it out and start to get involved with their kid's education. Kinda important. Just sayin'.......

jennai said...

Every parent will be more happy, when there kids achieve some thing new.