Saturday, May 23, 2009

I will follow you...

I write because I can. 
My blog gives me an outlet for my inner novelist. I don't profess to be a writing genius but I think I can hold my own out here in cyberspace. There are so many bloggers out there so much more talented than I, but I am proud that I've collected a few loyal readers who stop by from time to time to catch up on what I've been up to. 
I've made a few cry, a few laugh, and I'm sure a few have just shaken their heads and said, "who is this crazy teacher who thinks she can write?" 
Hopefully there aren't too many of those and even if there are, there really is only one person I really write for and that is me!
I do like it though when family, friends and even complete strangers leave comments about something I've written. 
People blog for lots of reasons. Some are artists, or photographers who use their blogs to showcase their work. Some like my friend Michele over on I am Derby, who has more talent and creativity in her little finger than I could ever hope for. 
Some people use their blogs to update their friends and families. Like  Chris and his wife Erin who just had triplets, my friend Maria  on What Did You Just Say?, who's son I had in kindergarten, who by the way has a really great sense of humor, or my brother  on John's Ramble, sharing his thoughts about politics, vacations and junk food. I apologize in advance for his political views!

Some, like me just want to put their thoughts down on "paper". Some like my friend Andy, on Slow Down you Move to Fast, or Caroline , Ms. Picket  , or Rocker Mom,who I don't know, but read whenever they post something new.

Some blogs are purely for entertainment purposes. Like Cake Wrecks, or Awkward Family Photos, both side-splitting, tears-running-down-your-face, pee-your-pants-funny!

So check them all out, leave a comment, and if you write one, let me know because if you follow me, I will follow you.


IamDerby said...

Hey there Lisa! Thanks for the little shout out. I have ya in reader.... makes my day go much easier when I can see all the blogs I read with one click. (When I told aj the number I read daily she couldn't believe it!) BTW, your writing more than holds its own.

Nash's Mom said...

I am so glad you write! You're an amazing writer and share some fantastic stories about kindergartners that NEED to be told because they are adorable, funny and priceless!!

And looking forward to catching up on the triplets! Thanks for that link. So glad they're blogging.