Sunday, May 17, 2009

L is for Little League

Anyone who knows me in real life knows I am a baseball fan. Yes, I am fanatical about my Red Sox, but the truth is, I really do like baseball. The warm summer nights, hot dogs, the crack of the bat. I love it all.
But Little League baseball? Not so much.
Yes they are adorable in their little uniforms, and their too big batting helmets. The look on their little faces when they finally get that hit, or cross home plate for the first time, or make an out is priceless. 
There is so much good about Little League baseball. They learn team work, team spirit, how to be gracious winners and how to lose gracefully. For the most part the coaches are great, occasionally I see and hear things that make me cringe, but thankfully so far those moments are few and far between. 
Little League parents are interesting. I know I am a Little League parent, but my strategy is to sit quietly and watch. Take it all in and say nothing. 
Little League has a whole bunch of different rules about when to slide, how many bases can be stolen, how many runs can be scored in an inning, all in the interest of the safety, enjoyment and emotional well-being of the players.
But what about the well-being of those watching? In the spirit of that, I have a few of my own rules...
1. games will not be played if the temperature is lower than 65 degrees. This is a game for warm weather, if a winter coat and blanket is the game!
2. games will not be played if there is even a hit of rain in the air.
3. bad grammar, such as the use of double negatives, and the use of "aint" shall not be tolerated.
4. smoking around children is NEVER okay!

I know my list is a short one, and really it isn't about me. So as long as my son wants to play, I'll be there with my blanket, my winter coat, gloves and umbrella and I'll cheer wildly because it's all about him and this little game called baseball.


Andrew Allen said...

Bravo. I second that..

Nash's Mom said...

OMG, the smoking. Who thinks that's OK around 20 little kids?? Shocks me.