Sunday, May 10, 2009

M is for Mommy

I've been a mommy for 17 years. That's amazing to me because I really just brought him home from the hospital. I remember the moment they put him in my arms and even though we had never met, I knew him instantly. He seemed so familiar, so much a part of me. 
I remember being so scared. What did I know about taking care of something so little? I had someone to care for other than me and suddenly all my thoughts of self were gone with every little cry.
As I was wheeled out of the hospital I remember thinking, Are they really going to let me just walk out with this thing? 
I was no way near prepared for how tired I would be. So scared, tired, unsure. But 17 years and two more babies later and I can look back and know I did a pretty good job. They are healthy, smart, social, polite, athletic. Everything a mom could ask for in three sons. They really are good boys and I couldn't be more proud of them.
I love all three of you.
Now of course I had some help. They have a wonderfully dedicated dad. This has been truly a 50/50 partnership in raising these three. He is a mentor, he leads by example showing them everyday what a man should be. Loving, Hard working, dedicated and respectful. We have high expectations and I'm sure they would think sometimes too high, but I can't help but think we did something right considering the path they are on. We are blessed.
I love you.
 I am the mother I am because of the mother I have.
I always felt loved, safe, wanted. My mother and I never went through mother/daughter issues like my friends did with their mothers. She trusted me, gave me space, I had rules and I respected them so I had her trust. I know it's cliche but I can say my mother is one of my best friends and mean it. 
I am  proud of her. She raised my brother and I as a single parent yet we never wanted for anything. I'm happy that she's finally in a place in her life where she can enjoy herself because I can't think of anyone who deserves it more. 
I love you mom.
Some of the most wonderful mothers I know are my friends. They raise families, go to work, go to school, some struggle to pay bills, some struggle with depression, some are athletic, some are scary smart, funny, there are those that are well organized, some that live life to the fullest, some are secure with themselves, some question their parenting ability, some are single parents. But they all put their kids first. 
I love you guys.

 On Thursday night the wife of a friend gave birth to triplets. All beautiful and all very tiny. I have not been able to stop thinking about them and praying for them. So welcome to the world Sophie, Charlie and Maggie and Happy First Mother's Day Erin. Enjoy every precious moment because 17 years goes by very quickly!


Andrew Allen said...

Beautifully written!

nana2mdnjp said...

Thank you Lisa, I love you too and felt very much the same way you did when they let me go home with you.
Obviously, I didn't do too badly because you turned into a loving woman that I am proud of.
Thanks for being the best daughter a mother could have.

Anonymous said...

Great tribute, Lisa. Erin and I appreciate the nod... Erin is tearing up as I type. Your 3 are fine young gentlemen. I can only hope our new 3 turn out half as well. I look forward to introducing you.