Thursday, May 21, 2009

Watching the World Go By

It was a really warm day today. I am not complaining, this is my favorite kind of weather. Warm is pleasant, cold is painful. My moods come and go with the weather and with the seasons. 
It is warm in the house though, and it's a beautiful night so I thought I'd take the blog out to the front port and watch the world go by.

I live on a pretty busy street with lots to look at. Like the guy who just ran by  in a tie dyed t-shirt arms raised and shouting as if he just crossed a finish line. 
My street can be pretty noisy sometimes, but you get used to it and pretty soon you don't even notice until a Harley drives by, or a Fire truck races past siren blowing telling the cars at the green light not to go.

I have pretty nice neighbors. The boy across the street who would shoot hoops all day every day if you let him, the meteorologist who loves a good storm, the Greek man and woman who leave fresh garden vegetables at our back door, and the little girl who wants to play with Little so badly that she'll even agree to play Jedi.

I live around the corner from the college campus. Busy place. Students walking by with back packs filled with books and futures filled with promise. Cars coming and going. Since when could college students afford such nice cars?

I watch people drive by. Some talking on phones, some eating, some smoking. Are any paying attention? 

A car beeps, "Hi Mrs. C!" Not sure who that was, but it's hard to be incognito when you live in the same neighborhood where you work. I don't mind, makes me feel like a celebrity. I'm sure I'll go into work tomorrow and some little child will say, "I know where you live!" 

Lots of songs to hear as people drive by. Music so loud I can feel the vibration, some songs I recognize, some just sound like noise.

Oh, another beep, and this time a "woo hoo!" Nice to know I still got it! 

The traffic is slowing, and suddenly there aren't quite so many cars on the road. I can hear the birds better now. The breeze is blowing gently, I can hear the kids playing in the back yard. The sky is lighter blue than it has been all day, with just a hint of yellow at the horizon. I can smell the lilac bush as the breeze blows it's scent in my direction. I take a deep breath and close my eyes filling my brain with sweetness. I wonder what the evening will bring. It was a busy day here on my street, but now I'm enjoying the quiet, waiting for the first star to appear in the sky, waiting for the next wave, the next smile, the next song, the next "woo hoo"!


Andrew Allen said...

woo hoo

Nash's Mom said...

Wheee! I felt like I was there on the porch with you. You ARE a GREAT writer!!