Saturday, May 30, 2009

That Smell!

I walked into my 8 year-old son's room this morning to check on his progress as he was dressing for soccer.
The smell knocked me over. It smells of "sweaty boy". If you 're a mom of even one boy you know the smell, here I can multiply the smell by three, no make that four. Because husbands never really grow up either and clearly have smelly potential.
Little shares a room with Medium so not only does the room smell like a locker room, it looks like a locker room. Gear bags open, cleats in a pile, wet soccer socks, soccer ball, yesterday's clothes, track spikes on top of the bureau, last night's towel hanging off the bed get the picture. 
So I had to call him on it...

Me: This room is a mess. I know what you're doing after soccer.
Little: I know mom, it's always a mess, we're guys, that's how we roll.

We're guys, that's how we roll?

Maybe, but not in this house Buster!

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