Saturday, May 30, 2009

I'm sorry!

It has been an interesting year with my kindergarten kids. 
I started the year with 11 boys and 5 girls. So from the very first day the room was full of energy. I love little boys, I have three of my own. I love that they can disagree, fight it out, and can be over it in less than five seconds. I love the way they laugh at silly things, like the word "poop" or a huge forced burp. 
So when I get my class list at the beginning of each year, I don't roll my eyes at the number of boys, I just roll with it.
My girls this year were high energy too, and fed right into the boy silliness, but there is one difference. Girls carry grudges. They can be mean to each other. Name calling, cliquey, tattling, and competitive. I do my best to teach them tolerance and compassion, but to be completely honest, this year was a bit of a struggle behaviorally. 
So on Thursday, when things didn't go so well at gym, the principal kept my entire class in for recess so they could write apology letters to the gym teacher and the bus driver who takes them to gym each week.
Here's a little sample...

Somehow I think he's missing the point as to exactly why he's in the office.

You are NEVER bad, you just forgot!  Screaming is never good, and neither is being disrespectful!

And there is nothing worse than a "system that's out of control".

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