Wednesday, August 20, 2008

# 3

Someone asked me not long ago, if Little was a mistake. "Actually", I said miffed, "He was probably the most planned of the three."(Not that it's any of your business!!)

It amazes me that someone would actually ask that question. It bothered me in the same way the looks of sympathy bothered me when I would tell anyone who asked, that I was pregnant with Baby Boy #3. I can understand however, why someone would be curious, there is after all 6 1/2 years between Medium and Little.

I remember the day I decided I needed another baby in the house. It was the day Medium started kindergarten.
There is something about your child starting school that slaps you in the face and lets you know your baby is no longer a baby. 

Because of the age difference between Little and his older brothers, I've become his best friend by default. The big boys have always been able to entertain each other, they are partners in crime, but Little and I, we run with the same crowd.

We go to school together and come home together and he would still rather hang with me than anyone else. But, I'm startng to see glimmers of independence, like when he goes on ever increasing play dates, when I left him with his aunt and uncle at the beach the other day (and ridiculously worried he would be swept out to sea by an undetected rip tide because someone didn't watch him closely enough), or the other night
 when he experienced his first sleep over.
He asked me the other day if he 
could ride his scooter to the park ALONE and didn't get it when I told him, "Not a chance!!"

I know growing up is inevitable, I've seen and experienced it with the bigger ones, but today I will remember that these moments are fleeting and I will
 enjoy them as long as he'll let me.

Happy 8th Birthday My Friend.


nana2mdnjp said...

I had forgotten just how red he was when he was born.
Second picture could be any one of the 3, they all pretty much looked the same.
The 3rd picture is one of my favorites of him. I love the look on his face.
The ones of the two of you are priceless, you've become as goofy as the boys but then you had to in order to survive.
The one at Fenway is pretty cute with the Rally Monkey tied around his neck. It's all about the stuff, isn't it? Remember, he wanted us all to have the #1 fingers, yeah sure.
Kayaking, just like Nana.
Licking the bowl, I would have shared it with him.
Happy Birthday Little.

Nash's Mom said...

Well, thanks for making me cry!! I kid, I kid. This was beautiful and a very touching tribute to an extremely handsome young man - I mean little boy. Happy Birthday, Little!!

IamDerby said...

Happy Birthday Little! I cant believe our august babies are 8!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

What a sweet post. He'll always be special to you as your "friend."

AmyJo said...

Damn Lisa - I guess I need to spread your posts out!!! I just finished reading the school one and was teary and thought I'd catch up reading and read you post on Little. So sweet and of course started me thinking about G turning 8 this next Monday... wah!!! AJ