Saturday, August 23, 2008

Why I'm pathetic...

I knew I wanted to post something today, but couldn't think of a thing until I came across a post by Jen W of Serenity Now who got her idea from Carolyn of Carolyn on Line. So here's my very recent pathetic moment.

We have an annual road race here in town. It's one mile long on a flat straight course. I thought it would be a great idea if Mr. Dad and the three boys ran this race together. Now hubby is a real runner. He's run marathons (including 8 Bostons), various road races (some of which he's won), he's a natural athlete and NEVER gains weight. (I know, I know) He, along with my two oldest, Large, also a runner (the mile is his event) and Medium just coming off a season of summer soccer are extremely competitive and thought this would be a great idea, but who was going to run with the Little one? We couldn't just let him make his way by himself from beginning to end and the three of them are too competitive to not run this race to win.
So...I volunteered. It was a mile. Just a mile.
I've been having some ankle issues from a summer in flip flops, but I popped some Advil an hour or so before, laced up my running shoes and was determined to not only do fairly well in this race, but look good doing it. 
So there we were, Little and I, in the middle of the pack, ready to go with the starting gun. My heart was already racing in anticipation. With a pop of the gun, off we went. At about 1/2 mile in I was fading fast and was grateful when Little mentioned he might like to walk. "Are you sure?" "Yes, just for a little." (Thank you!!!!)
A tenth of a mile later, he wanted to pick up the pace again. (Crap!! Who's dumb idea was this again?) So we ran...
Next to me I heard a familiar voice as she passed with her GRANDPARENTS. "Hi Mrs. __. Good God one of my kindergarten students from last year will finish this damn race before me! She might as well have kicked me on the way by.
I looked ahead and saw hubby jogging toward me, he finished and double backed to find us knowing my ankle was about spent. He's nice like that.
He and Little took off toward the finish line together leaving me in their dust. I looked behind me and there was no one there but a few stragglers.  So with every step I moved closer to the sidewalk and off the course, feeling like, like...well, a loser!
Four years ago I ran and finished the Disney Half Marathon. I trained for this while going to grad school and working full time. I ran it ridiculously slow, but I finished and have the medal to prove it! Where did I get the motivation?
Well last night I found a little. Motivation that is. Do I want to live my life on the sidewalk? 
As soon as my legs recover and I'm no longer walking like I'm 102 I will do something about my patheticness and start pounding the pavement because I realized I don't have to win the race, but I don't have to be a...STRAGGLER either!


Jen W said...

Okay- I'm crying laughing right now!

Your phrases

"She might as well have kicked me on the way by."


"So with every step I moved closer to the sidewalk and off the course"

had me rolling. That is so... so... me! I'm so glad there are more me's out there. Thanks for sharing.

Nash's Mom said...

Let's just change this title to why you're NOT pathetic! You DID it, and that's a whole hell of a lot more than most people did. Like me for instance who spent the better part of the day on my butt! Go Lisa!!!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

I admire you for giving it the "old college try." I think it was worth it just to get the motivation you have now. Once I was in a short race, and I was determined to beat the old people in front of me. It was neck and neck, but I didn't come in very last. Great fun post.

IamDerby said...

Hey at least you ran! I would have let my kid figure out the course for herself. LOL. And the grandparents... there is this lady that sits next to me in spin class... she is at least 70. She kicks my ass every time.... I had just started to accept it when one day I got there early and discovered she does a full step class before even coming to spin!!