Sunday, August 10, 2008

T is for Tooth Fairy

It's been an eventful weekend in the tooth department. Little, being 7 is in the throes of tooth loss. He's lost all of the front eight ( they are FINALLY growing back) and now he's working on the baby molars. He's had a wiggly one for awhile now, but those suckers are stubborn.
Friday night it was driving him nuts.  He was coming to me every 5 minutes or so to cop a feel of that tooth. It really grosses me out, but because I'm a good mom like that, I wiggled, then offered up the obligatory, "your almost there!"
Well it was bed time and the tooth was hanging on for dear life. He was sobbing. He almost never cries, so sobbing is really rare. 
"Does it hurt?" 
"Is there blood?" 
"Is it just really annoying you?" 
"No Mom!"
"Well, what is it then?"
"I just really want MONEY!"
"Don't we all."
So I convinced him to leave his tooth alone for the night and work on it in the morning. At this point I was ready to offer up some cash just so he would go to sleep. Kinda like the Packers offering to pay  Brett Favre 20 million to stay retired. (Okay, what idiot doesn't take THAT deal????)

Saturday morning he was happy again because, "I put my tooth back in it's spot."
"Wonderful, here, have an apple."
I love the look on his face when his teeth finally pop out. It's always that great look of surprise even thought it was inevitable. We had a birthday party to go to so he was busy and forgot all about the gaping hole in his jaw. I had a nice time sipping wine and visiting with other moms, but when we got home he ran right upstairs to check on the tooth.
Thankfully it was still safe under the pillow, undetected by tooth stealing burglars. 
He went through so much over that tooth I made a mental note to NOT forget that the tooth fairy needed to make an appearance. I've been guilty of forgetting more than one tooth fairy visit. Well I went to bed and just as I was dozing off, I remembered. I slipped quietly down the stairs and pulled a dollar out of hubby's wallet and slipped it under Little's pillow.
Around 6:30 he crawled into my bed and said, "Mom, Mr. Lincoln visited me last night."
In my groggy state, I didn't quite get it. Is he suddenly channeling dead presidents? 
"The tooth fairy left me FIVE BUCKS!" 
"Wow, the tooth fairy must have been feeling generous."
"I'm going to add it to my 6 bucks, now I have 11!"
He's well on his way to becoming a tooth mogul.
Here he is working on his spread sheet. 
What are the chances he pays me to retire as official tooth wiggler? 


Angel said...

Awww............he is precious and that is funny! I love that you said you slipped him a dollar BUT it ended up being $5.

Flip Flop Momma said...

Oh man, he is a cutie..damn..Him and my 8 year old would make a very handseome couple..

I hate tooth fairy things...Im done 4 now, the 5 year old will be dropping them soon..and im dreading it.

My 8 year old lost a bunch in KInD...then had to have a bunch pulled cause her mouth is too small for them to all grow back..

She has teeth pulled that wont grow in till she is 12..

Then my oldest who will be 12..and going into 6th grade, last time he lost a tooth, which was a few months ago..I 4got to leavve him anything..

Of course he knows there is no TF but he was still hoping 4 osme greenbacks..

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

My "Little" Angel of a son, at 19, now sells his blood at the blood bank. No quite as cute, eh.

Ms Picket To You said...

i promise to keep this and every other secret secret.

IamDerby said...

Little is looking huge!!