Saturday, August 30, 2008

Superficial Shallow Post #1

Posting outside the box today.
A little back story:
My partner in parenting is taking the big boys to see the New England Revolution play the L.A. Galaxy tonight. David Beckham plays for L.A. So to see this guy play is apparently quite an experience. 
I am staying home. 
I'm a fan of soccer only if I have a vested interest, like watching my boys or Mr. Dad play. Then it's interesting and can even be exciting at times. Two years ago Middle wanted nothing else for his birthday but the soccer channel. All soccer, all the time. I don't get it. Soccer on t.v. is like watching paint dry, but that's my opinion and I'm definitely in the minority in this house.
So I find myself contemplating other things. Case in point. Victoria Beckham.
The woman never smiles. I first noticed this while watching the ESPY awards a few months ago. 
At one point she had Justin Timberlake at her feet cracking some goofy joke and she didn't crack. Not even a smirk. She just sat their all stone faced looking like she'd rather be having her nose hairs plucked.
I did a google image search on her and I swear it took me until page 6 before I found even the hint of a smile.
Now I'm not smiles all the time, but could she make an effort or even look like she is acknowledging his existence?

If looks could kill, the dude that snapped this photo would be six feet under.

Maybe I'm judging too harshly, it can't be easy to have a camera in your face all the time. It truly must have it's horrible moments. Truly. But she did choose the life she's leading. She has the clothes, the cars, the homes the beautiful children, the famous friends and she's sitting next to THAT guy. 
THIS guy.

Just more proof that even the hunky guy can't buy happiness.


Katie R said...

LMAO. Seriously. She has a great life. She should enjoy it a little more fully.

Manager Mom said...

Dude - I love my husband, but if he looked like Becks I'd have a perma-grin on my face. I'd look like The Joker.

I think Posh can't smile because she is actually a robo-wife, not a real person.

Jen W said...

She doesn't smile on purpose. I mean it. I saw her reality show (coming to America) and she met with Perez Hilton and she mentioned that it is kind of her thing to not smile.

Ms Picket To You said...

That's exactly how I look on the soccer field. Except I am smiling, using laughing. But otherwise: me and Posh are like twins.