Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Is it really August?

Dog Days? I was sure August meant hot, steamy, days and cool nights, but lately it's been doing nothing but rain. Everyday. Some thunder, some lightening, some torrential down pours and inevitable flash flooding. Everyday. I'm convinced Massachusetts has suddenly adopted the climate of Oregon, Ireland or the Amazonian Rain Forest.
I woke up this morning to another dreary day. I got up early because Small, Medium and Large all had to be at soccer camp by 8:00. By 7:30 I had pretty much decided  they weren't going and at 7:50 the coach called to cancel for the second day in a row. This is putting a huge cramp in my plans for a pedicure.
So I fed them breakfast, and I hopped back into bed for a few more winks. It is summer after all and I only have a few more weeks of not having to get up at the crack of dawn. 
At one point small crawled in bed next to me. He cuddled in for a few minutes then started in with the questions. 

"Are grilled cheese and tomato sandwiches good?"
"If you like tomatoes they are."

"Is it nice in Rio?"
"Rio?? I don't know, I've never been."

"Could a plane ever crash in our back yard?"
"I suppose it's possible, but highly unlikely."

"Can I go watch t.v."
"If you must."
Apparently I was not giving him the answers he was looking for.
 How, in the span of 5 minutes, does an almost 8-year-old brain go from grilled cheese sandwiches, to Rio, to a plane crashing in our back yard?
I'm a little afraid to find out what really goes on in that little head.
Some things are best left to wonder about. Needless to say, my fingers are crossed for a little sunshine and a little soccer camp tomorrow. I'm not sure I could handle anymore of the tough questions.


Flip Flop Momma said...

my kids ask if a plane could crash in our yard too..whats up with that?

IamDerby said...

Lots of planes crashing in yards and airports on the news lately, my kids asked too. Cole asked me the other day when i would be dying?

nana2mdnjp said...

Where did he hear about Rio?

AmyJo said...

Garrett asked my friend Dawn how you grow celery... she replied a seed. He looked at her as if she were stupid and said, "but there are no seeds here!!" Oh yes, the questions they come up with are something else!!! AJ