Friday, August 29, 2008

My 15 Minutes?

I really enjoy writing my little blog. I'm actually quite proud of it and find myself spending time out of my day while driving, waiting for kids to come out of soccer practice or walking through the grocery store, wondering what I'm going to be write about.
 I'm proud of my little following of 4 or 5 loyal readers (even though one of them is my mom) and even my brother who is a man of few words, told me it was really good and I should keep it up. 

One thing I find interesting is checking on my blog stats to see where people are coming from. Yesterday I noticed that I had quite a few hits on my blog all going to the same spot, a post I had written about The Willows an old time seaside amusement park here in Salem.
So I did a little investigative digging and found that my little blog had been linked in another blog, some dude named Mike and his blog called Redfin Boston Sweet Digs. I don't know Mike and I never even heard of his blog until I discovered he was sending readers here. 
I don't claim to be as prolific and well known as Carolyn, or Ms. Picket,  but I have to say I'm enjoying the extra traffic and I can't help but feel a little, well, discovered! 

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Jen W said...

That is one of the fun parts of blogging that I didn't expect when I started. It's nice to be able to stumble upon other blogs that are interesting to read.